3 lB Cinnamon Roll Metaphor

Last night I was sitting in bed on Facebook as I often do before I go to bed, and I saw this video about a 3 LB cinnamon roll that they serve at Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe in San Antonio, TX.

Of course I had to get out of bed and show Husband this video. His first reaction was “seriously you interrupted me to show me a 3 lb cinnamon roll, it should have been at least 5 lbs.”

Then he said, “Let’s do it,”

Of course we cant. We have a child, and bills to pay, and all the mundane responsibilities that come with adulthood.

Then I said “You know if we were in our early twenties we would totally do it,”

Then Husband made some kind of sexual joke, and he said “oh you mean just up and go to San Antonio for a 3 lb cinnamon roll? Yeah totally.”

Being a teenager was alright, but I wouldn’t go back to that for the world. No ice cream for dinner, no all night adventures, and acne? No Thank you, (OK that last one never happened to me. It was something first ever friend always hated me for. I just never broke out, and still don’t)

My early twenties though…like 20-25 heck yes! It’s when you’re in limbo of still being young and having to become an adult. I mean yes I worked at Blockbuster (Moment of silence for Blockbuster. I cry a little bit every time I think about how my son will ask me why I have a plastic card for some place called Blockbuster still in my wallet. I’ll just say those were simpler times son. Simpler times.) Where was I? Oh yes being 20ish. I had a job, and one that would often keep me working until past midnight since that’s when they closed. It was a job though. My college job.

This means that I could stay out all night long, and not EVEN get tired. That’s probably because I could sleep in until 2 PM before I had to go to work. I still lived with my parents at the time so I only had bills like my credit card, and phone. Well also I had to pay for gas.

These were the times that we paid for fast food with the change from our piggy banks, and ran around Walmart because it was open 24 hours. There wasn’t much to do in the town I grew up in.

So yes we would have hopped in the car without a thought or care in the world and drove all night just get a 3 lb cinnamon roll. Husband told me he once drove all the way to the Grand Canyon and back in one day BY HIMSELF. He didn’t even tell anyone he was going. Once we started dating I told him that was not going to happen. My anxiety disorder prevents him from being able to up and go somewhere without telling me. I mean now also, that’s just common sense when you’re married.

Also to be fair we probably would have also done that other thing he made a joke about, and then in our euphoria of the love making we would have been like man a cinnamon roll sounds great, because neither of us smokes.

My 30s have been fine, not always great but fine. They just don’t hold the innocence and dreams that one holds when they are young and still finding their way. I mean I’m still struggling to figure out who I am so that’s not exactly over. I feel like life is an ever evolving door that you walk through, and mold yourself to it. Some parts of you stay the same while other parts grow and mature.

I just sometimes wish I could go back every so often to where we drove around for hours in the middle of the night, the windows rolled down, and the Eminem Show album was up so loud that I’m surprised I’m not deaf. No worries or cares. Enjoying the moment, and just being.


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