That One Time I was a Party Girl

That title might be a little misleading, except it’s exactly what it is. It was the one day I where I drank my weight in alcohol. That may be a bit of an exaggeration though.

First though this involves my cousin. She is my best friend, my person, the Christina to my Meredith, and the sister I never had. I will always refer to her as my luff from now in any story where I talk about her. Now that that’s out of the way I can start my story.

Timehop and Facebook are reminding me that this not so long ago I had boarded a plane the day before to go to Seattle, Wa. I’ve been going to Seattle since I was 8 so it’s like a second home to me. It’s my favorite place, and feels like my happy place whenever I go there.

In fact when I board the plane to go home while I miss my bed, and my friends I still wish I could stay a few more days, weeks, months….forever.

I went with just my mom, and left my husband home. We had only been married 8 months, but my mom had gotten me a really good deal on a plane ticket to go with her. I believe this was the first time I got to see my Aunt and Uncles new house that we often refer to as the castle. I mean it’s straight up like a dream home, and the view is phenomenal. Like you’re gazing out the kitchen window and you can see the city off in the distance, and then you turn and look in another direction and you see Mt. Rainier, it’s the perfect view to see it when it finally erupts. I kid.

This trip though I still got to stay at my Grandma’s house a few nights because she hadn’t sold it yet. Ugh I miss my Grandma’s house terribly. It felt like the end of era when she finally sold it later that year. I’m babbling. I’m reminiscing. I could go on.

According to Facebook though, I had woken up in my luff’s apartment on Mercer Island. She doesn’t live there anymore, and in fact SO MUCH has changed since then. This apartment was one of my favorite places she lived in. She was on the upper level, and she had a great view looking out of her tiny little balcony. I remember drinking tea, and watching it snow.

On Facebook it says “It appears that no matter where I sleep, I am to be woken up by a cat that wants to sit on me.”

That can only be Mila, and I vividly remember her staring at me.

Later that day we drove over to the castle so I could finally see it, and then we drove over to the golf course to see my other cousin who I’ll refer to as Boy. Partly because that is what one of my other cousin’s always called him. It’s pretty fitting for him too because he’s the youngest of us all. He was a bartender at the restaurant at the top of the hill of the golf course. I guess this is where the story really begins. I mean does it? I don’t know.

We started drinking there around 4:15 PM. Boy made us shots called Lemon Drops, because we told him to concoct something and surprise us. They were delicious. Then we had some more. Then we went back to her apartment….where I think we had more to drink. I honestly can’t remember.

The thing I remember next is going to this Irish Bar that we had been going to since circa 2009 I think. I don’t know whenever my luff had turned 21 that’s when we started going there, and we drank normal civilized people all the other times. This bar had a little Irish guy as the bar tender. He might take offense to me referring him as little… hmmm. I don’t care I’ll never see him again because I think I heard he got fired.

My luff convinced me to get some kind of spinach and avocado dip that had shrimp in it. I don’t like shrimp. I don’t like much sea food in general, except Salmon. Salmon is delicious especially when baked. I also like a good Tuna Fish Sandwhich, but shrimp blech. I let her eat most of it. I feel like there must have been some kind of other food but I don’t know. Maybe French fries? Maybe a salad? Do Irish Carbombs count as food??? Because that’s what I consumed.

This is about the time that the little Irish Bar Tender thought it would be awesome to get me drunk. I wasn’t driving so he didn’t care. So my drinks….were all rum and maybe a trickle of coke, just to give it color. I was so drunk that I had a brilliant idea. You only have these kinds of brilliant ideas when you stumble off the bar stool. This idea was “you know what we should do?!?! We should smoke weed!”

Seriously this was my first time smoking weed. I had tried cigarettes when I was like 20, and never did that again because I ended up with the worst migraine ever. (Well at least one of the top ten worst ones. I get them pretty regularly).

So here I was totally drunk, and then I smoked weed. My luff convinced me we should watch this movie called MacGruber because I said it looked kind of awful. She wanted to prove me wrong. I don’t remember any of it. I remember suddenly I couldn’t see straight, and I remember walking possibly running to the bathroom. I shut the door and then spent at least 30 minutes to an hour sitting by porcelain throne. So in my opinion MacGruber was not very good.

The next day she dragged me through Seattle super hung over so that we could go to the aquarium down at the water. The steps to Pikes Market are still my nemesis. At least there were cute Otters to see. (Seriously if I could have one for a pet I totally would.) Maybe one day I’ll run about and down them with the Rocky Theme blaring on my iPod. I refused to go out that night or touch a drop of alcohol. instead we sat lazing around drinking tea and watch The Office on Netflix.

Moral of the story guys….don’t drink and smoke weed, or at least I won’t drink and smoke weed. I will also, never have Irish Carbombs again. NEVER EVER.

Epilogue….I’ve never “partied” like that again.  I’m getting too old for that shit.


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