I am 35. An introvert with an anxiety disorder that I’ve had since i was 15. Sometimes I don’t like to leave the house. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin, Aunt, Tita, Niece, and kind of a horrible friend. That last part is OK because the people I am friends with accept me for who I am.I use to be a horrible cook, but now I love to do it. I also love to bake. We have two cats (Fenway Sox and (the)Doctor Hobbes), and a rabbit (Oliver Queen). Sometimes I keep my house clean, but it always looks nicer when the maid comes to clean it every three months. I breath and devour books. I wish i could get paid to do so. I also watch a lot of television…mostly Netflix. I love the middle of the night when everything is quiet. I believe in the supernatural. Sometimes I suffer from insomnia, so i watch a lot of old favorite movies or TV shows when that happens. Or I listen to audiobooks because i have to do something to turn my brain off. I love hoodies and fall weather. Some days I look cute and put together, other days I look like I just rolled out of bed. I love Pizza and Seattle, WA. I love my family and close friends. Most days I am just trying.

Contact info: aboutagirlscloset {at} gmail {dot} com
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Instagram: thisischrista My novela: Destruction: A Novela of Inner battles